Day 3: Initiate

Day 3: Initiate

It’s Day 3 of the Mastering the Habits of  Great Writers series, the challenge is to do something you are scared of.

This is something I did on the weekend. I set aside some time to work on both my Princess story and my Jimmy James story and have sent them both off to critique partners. These people I know will be honest with me and not just say “That’s Great”.

I’m incredibly nervous as I wait their responses, but also excited as I know this will help knock these drafts in to shape, bringing them one step closer to being published books (one is a picture book, the other a chapter book).

Why is this so scary? Simple, a lot of what I write I think is good, then someone else will read it and suggest changes, sometimes tell me that everything I’ve written isn’t as good as I thought it was, and then there’s work to do to make the changes.

In some ways, it’s like sending your child to school or childcare for the first time – they are doing things and experiencing things that have nothing to do with you. You know it will be fine, but you still wish you could there to be part of it.

Every time someone reads and comments on my work, it’s improving and getting just a little better and a little bit closer to my ultimate goal.

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  1. Sending my work off terrifies me, too. It’s hard to hear opinions on your “child” but worse… it depends on who gets your work. I’ve won awards in one contest to not even be a finalist in others (with the same work). Sometimes it really is your reader.

    I wanted to do this challenge, but I promised myself no more challenges until the kids are back in school! Hope you enjoy it.

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