Day 2: Believe

Day 2: Believe

It’s Day 2 of the 15 Habits of Great Writers challenge. The challenge is to get up 2 hours earlier to write. You can read the whole challenge here.

For me right now, this is impractical. I am completely worn out and not sleeping well, so getting up 2 hours earlier just won’t work, the fact that on Sunday night we were up until well after 2am didn’t help either…

However, the aim of the exercise seems to be to have uninterrupted writing time and to make it a priority.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) we will be having a day mostly at home, so I’m planning to give my kids a treat and let them watch a DVD for 2 hours, giving me some uninterrupted writing time…

Believing in myself is something I have always had trouble with. I have doubts all the time about whether I am good enough, whether my writing is good enough, so it gets pushed way down the list of priorities. By setting aside time, I can say that I am good enough and I am worth it. And that I will succeed.

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  1. Balancing kids and work and house work and errands and on and on… can be draining. (I know how it goes: I have four kids.) I hope you enjoy some nice writing time tomorrow. You are good enough. You can do it!

  2. And yay, my comment worked! The first time I tried it didn’t work. Your new site is beautiful, BTW.

    • Melissa says:

      Thanks Hannah. I have it set up so the first comment must be moderated, then after that any comments will appear 🙂

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