Day 1: Declare

I am a writer!

Today I’m starting a new series of blog posts. I’m a bit late for the Mastering the Habits of Great Writers series, however I figure it’s better to be late than never. this series was on at the same time as the Author Blog Challenge, and I couldn’t do them both at the same time.

So, on to Day 1: Declare.

I have been doing this a bit over the last month, the Author Blog Challenge helped me to say to the World “I AM A WRITER”.

I have also changed my Twitter profile to include writer.

It makes no difference that I haven’t been paid for anything I’ve written (yet) or that my books are still only half done (if that). I write, I blog, and I write…

I’m still getting used to saying to people that I’m a writer when they ask “What do you do,” but I’m getting there.

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  1. I always encourage people in the groups I run to say ‘I am a writer’ as a mantra and validation of intention. 🙂

  2. I absolutely know where you’re at….my first book (just released) was almost at the printers before I started saying I’m a writer! But when you do, everything changes ;0)

    Well done


  3. So glad I “met” you through 12×12, fellow writer. 🙂

  4. Melissa says:

    Thanks Merlene, Lisa & Hannah 🙂

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