Prompt #26 – My next book…

Down with SuperMum!!

The 26th prompt for the Author Blog Challenge is: (can you believe we’re so close to the end?)

What is/will be the subject of your next book?

I have a number of projects on the go right now, when I get stuck on one story, I work on another one.

The next piece I want to work on is my Down with Supermum blog. I want to turn this in to a book, but with things that are going on right now, I need to blog too… It’s mostly observations about parenting and the whole “Supermum” myth. I started the blog when I saw yet another article about Supermum and felt tired of trying to live up to an unrealistic ideal, or a perceived one.

As I started writing, I had some great articles, but got sidetracked trying to have it as a “Mummy Blog” – including posts about life that didn’t fit with the initial theme. I’m a much better writer/blogger when I stick to the topic at hand.

Not long ago, someone I met on a forum stumbled on my blog and read it all in a single sitting! It resonated with her, especially the posts about post-natal depression and parenting by your personality. She encouraged me to keep on with it. Initially I thought that I would stop with the blog and just write a book, but a few things have happened recently that is making me want to keep blogging about not being a Supermum… and to listen to my own advice!

I have asked the amazing Tania to design a site for me and I’m starting to put my ideas down again. I have also contacted a couple of VAs about quotes to help pull posts together into a book in a few months time and talk about the best way to structure topics to make the process easier.

If you want to follow my progress, join my Facebook page or watch this space for the announcement of the new site.

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  1. Yet another incredible idea. This one will ring true to so many mums. I just followed your fb page and will be watching this one.

  2. A good idea, Melissa. I don’t quite get the super mummy bit either. We didn’t have super m’s when I was a mother – we just got on with it – did the best we could and tried not to compare with or be compared to. Now I’m an old lady, but what I don’t understand is how celebrities with nannies are called super mummies. It puzzles me.

  3. Great idea, I hate that super mum rubish, we all just do what we can and try the best for our kids. It’s not about how much you can do, but why you do things!

  4. I still think it’s a great blog to book idea. 🙂

    “when I get stuck on one story, I work on another one.” -> That’s exactly what I do and why I have so many projects on the go right now.

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