Prompt #19 – Growing my platform

Building my Platform

The 19th prompt for the Author Blog Challenge is:

What are the three most important things you are doing to grow your platform?

Compared to some of the other prompts, this one is fairly easy to answer.

The first thing I’m doing is this blog and sharing my journey with all my readers. I hope this means I’ll have a captive audience when it comes to sell my books, as well as being an inspiration to others who are going on a similar journey. I also have a blog for the Accidental WAHM project and for the Letter Writing Challenge.

Another thing I’m doing is building a following on Facebook and Twitter. I have a page for this blog as well as the various projects I’m working on. With most of these, they are mostly a feed from my blog, especially Twitter, but it’s building a following.

A third thing is being an active member of the PlanBig community. This may sound a strange thing to be doing, however it is helping grow my platform by bringing in supporters for my plans for being a published author as well as helping share my expertise with small business to help be an expert for my Accidental WAHM stories.

As I get closer to having a published book or two, there will be more activities I will do to grow my platform. In the mean time, I invite you to subscribe to my blog using the subscribe link on the top right, and join my Facebook pages:

And head over to PlanBig and support my plans:

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  1. I feel the same way that sharing on my blog has been a great way to connect with readers. Great post!

  2. I already knew you were acing the whole “growing your platform” thing. 🙂

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