Prompt #16 – How did you publish your book?

Printing books

The 16th prompt for the Author Blog Challenge is:

Did you publish your book as a traditionally printed book, an eBook, or both? How did you come to your decision? Which company(ies) did you use for printing and distribution? How did you select them?

As I haven’t published a book yet, this is something I’m exploring, and, to be honest, I don’t have an answer yet.

The general feeling is that for picture books, it’s best to go down the traditional publishing route, and, where possible, print them as a book rather than an ebook. The exception here is if you create an app for the ipad.

I prefer reading printed books. I spend all day at work on the computer, and when I read I prefer to get away from it and read a “real” book. My preference would be to publish my books that way, however with one of my books, the market may have a preference for ebooks. This is something to consider.

Thinking about it, my ideal would be to have the book published in both formats – printed and ebook.

After all, you can’t sell an ebook at a market or expo or in a book shop, and it’s also hard to sign an eBook…

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  1. I completely agree. for most of my books, the ideal would be to have them published as printed books as well as ebooks. But I definitely need to go the traditional route for my picture books, mainly because I would need an illustrator for mine.

  2. Quite frankly, the last few years I have been amazed at how many writers I’ve met who have such little confidence in their writing they don’t even consider first submitting to traditional publishers before going the self-publishing route.
    Okay, so I started submitting my first novel before the days of the internet, but I did learn so very much from all those 13 rejections I received for my first book before Barbour in the US accepted it.
    Learn all you can about those publishers who release the kind of book you want to write. If they only accept through an agent, then try getting an agent too before going to self-publishing – whether print or E-book! So much more to mention about this but do know most publishers do have their own illustrators too.

  3. I love buying my kids picture books and now venturing into novels. I do have kids books on my kindle, but only for when we go on holiday. There is nothing better than curling up on a couch with a great book in your hands! Try a publisher, you never know your luck!

  4. My first book will be an eBook, it’s underway now and I have a list of people waiting for it. Too bad I’m a lazy sod when it comes to writing it. 😉

    I LOVE children’s picture books. So beautiful

  5. I agree. You should publish on both platforms. My daughter has a book on iBooks that she loves and it’s a picture book. It works well and the illustrations are gorgeous. Best of luck! WRITE ON!

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