Prompt #10 – Critique Groups

Participating in a critique group?

The tenth prompt for the Author Blog Challenge is:

Have you participated in a critique group? If so, how did it work out for you? If not, why have you avoided them to this point?

I am a member of a few different writers groups on Facebook, and have a few people I share work with, but haven’t participated in a critique group.

For me, the biggest issue is time. I feel bad that there are times when I barely have the energy to do my own writing let alone the energy to read someone elses work, or at least give it the attention it deserves.

Instead of formal critique groups, I do a number of different things to get feedback on my work. This includes sending it to people I trust to read it and give me their thoughts, posting snippets on my blog, and getting professional critiques. These methods give me valuable feedback on my work and I don’t feel the guilt associated with not having as much time or energy I would like.

That saying, my kids are starting to volunteer to read chapter books written by some of my writer friends and give their feedback. I wonder if this counts as giving back for feedback….

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