Prompt #8 – Researching for my book

Researching my books

The 9th prompt for the Author Blog Challenge is:

Describe the research process for your book. Did you interview people? Travel? How prominent a role did the Internet play? If you didn’t do new research, how did you learn what you needed to know to write your book?

For most books I’m working on, I just write. I draw on past experiences, things I’ve read and the voices in my head.

With my Jimmy James books, I need to do more research as much of the stories are set in the past. I do a mix of talking to people who are experts, research on the Internet and other sources that may be able to help.

Recently I’ve discovered the local librarian is a wealth of information, pointing me in the direction of useful books and websites. I’ve listed some other useful places to research in this post. I’m fast becoming an expert on magic lanterns!!

Another place I have used for research is social media, including my Facebook page and this blog. I post questions and my amazing followers reply. Sometimes I’ll also post questions in different groups I’m a member of to get some other opinions and ideas.

Where I research and how much research I do really depends on what I’m writing and how much extra information I need. I love researching and run the risk of doing too much and not writing!! This is something I need to keep an eye on.

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  1. Followers are cool like that, huh? I love the research aspect. A lot of authors know a lot of stuff about… stuff. Interesting people to converse with. WRITE ON!

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