Prompt #7 – Outline Process

Outline process

The seventh writing prompt for the Author Blog Challenge is:

Describe your outline process for your book. What do you do to stay organized?

I haven’t had a book published yet, so I can’t describe that process…

For most of the books I’m writing, I just write. Sometimes I have idea where I want the story to go and other times I will let the story go where it goes.

I am starting to turn one of my blogs into a book. To help with planning that, I have copied all my posts into Word and am sorting them out by topic. I have a whiteboard and sticky notes to sort out the topics to work out what should go in and what to leave out, and any holes in the information I want to present. It’s still a work in process, but that’s how the planning is starting.

With this approach, my biggest issue is stopping my kids from rubbing things off the whiteboard and moving the sticky notes around!!

To date, with the picture books I’m writing, I will have some idea of what I want to say, but will just let the story happen.

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