The Birthday Streamer

Follow the streamer

Susanna Leonard Hill is running a competition on her blog, to write a story for children about a creative or unique birthday party. You can read the details here.

My kids have had some unique parties – from an ice cream party to backyard science to a pirate party. But none of them fit for a picture story, especially not one for younger kids.

Instead, I thought of a creative way for a child to find his or her birthday presents.

The word count for this is 236 words (within the 300 word limit).

I hope you enjoy it:

The Birthday Streamer

I wake up in the morning, it’s my birthday.

The house is quiet, too quiet, and a bright red streamer is on my bed. Attached is a note that simply says “Follow Me.”

Getting up, I do what I’m told and follow the streamer, tiptoeing through the house in case Mum and Dad are sleeping.

The streamer goes through the lounge room and over the couch, there is still no one about.

Under the table in the dining room, the house is still quiet, I hope it’s noisy soon,

Through the bathroom and into the bath, and out again, still no sign of birthday fun

Down the hallway and out the back door into the garden, around the clothesline and down the slide, there’s no one out here, they must still be inside?

Over the picnic table and around the flower beds. Still no family, or presents.

Back inside the laundry door and through the kitchen. No one is here, no cake or balloons, just some crumbs where the cake should have been.

Into the dining room again and around the dining chairs, wait, is that a balloon I can see?

Through the lounge room, and under the coffee table, there’s glitter there, maybe from some wrapping paper?

Back into my bedroom, “Surprise!”

My family are all at the end of the streamer, with presents and cake and birthday treats, all just for me.

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  1. Great, Melissa! This is really fun! I get such a kick out of reading everyone’s original takes on the contest ideas – they are all so different and so good! Thanks for joining in the fun!

  2. Such a fun idea Melissa! I love treasure hunts, and this lucky child finds a wonderful surprise at the end. Nice job!

  3. What a clever idea! I may steal this for my son’s birthday next month.

  4. Great idea for a streamer birthday hunt! Creative!

  5. I love your story! 🙂 It is really good! I like that all the protaganist does is pretty much make a U-turn!

  6. Laura Renauld says:

    This is like a young child scavenger hunt. Very creative!

  7. Melissa, I enjoyed following the streamer and the end was lovely.

  8. Hi Melissa,
    What a clever idea for a story…I can just see the child waking up and expecting some birthday excitement and recognition…but only finding the streamer. Love the idea of his journey through the house, outside and then back in again to find…birthday excitement and recognition!!!! Hurray! Great job. 🙂

  9. Love it – what a great picture book it would make! I can see it very clearly 🙂

  10. Lovely story, I can even “see” it illustrated!
    Good luck with your entry.

  11. This is a fun surprise story, great idea!

  12. I agree: visual-generating writing! Especially great for young kids!

  13. I love your streamer story! How cute it would be illustrated! Nice job!

  14. Very cute!

  15. What a clever story – what kid wouldn’t love that kind of birthday surprise!?

  16. Cute story. What a fun surprise. As I read this, I thought I should try this when my son gets older.

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