Where to research?

Places to Research

As part of my planning for the Author Blog Challenge, I accidentally came up with a plan for a new information site… one of the features there is Friday Five. I thought I’d still do that here.

So, here is my first Friday Five post. I’m doing quite a bit of research for my Jimmy James stories. Sometimes it can be hard to know where to go. I’ve found a few fantastic resources recently, so I thought I’d share them with you.

  1. Melbourne Museum – their website is a wealth of information, and if you can’t find what you are looking for, give them a call. They have an amazing team working behind the scenes and they were able to look in their archives and sent me an email with more information.
  2. AFL History Department – I was researching Aussie Rules Football so rang the AFL and spoke to someone in their History Department. The man I spoke to was like a walking¬†encyclopaedia! I didn’t get the answer to my question, but I did get ideas for further stories.
  3. Local Librarian – I was trying to find some books, and couldn’t find what I wanted, so I spoke with the librarian. She knew some websites I hadn’t found that had the information I was looking for. She printed them out for me and they’ve been fantastic in writing my story.
  4. Old books – as I’ve been researching, I’ve been checking out old books, both in second hand bookshops and on the shelves of my godfather. With the topic I’m researching, they don’t seem to be in new books and the older ones don’t seem to be in the library any more.
  5. Pinterest – This might seem like a strange place for research, but it’s incredibly useful. Look for pictures on the topic you’re researching, then follow them back to their original source. You never know what useful sites you can stumble upon,

There are five places to help with your research. I hop you find them useful.

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