Read what your kids are reading…

Read what your kids read

I saw a post in a writers group I’m part of saying that one way to connect with our kids is to read what they are reading.

As one of the books I’m writing is aimed at kids my kids ages, I thought this was a great idea, not only to connect more with my kids, but as a learning exercise.

Currently, they are reading, among other things, the Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Deltora Quest, Horrible Histories, and Specky Magee series of books.

I suggested the idea of reading their books to them and they just laughed! Mr N, aged 10, decided that those books aren’t the sort of books I would enjoy. He then admitted he had no idea the sorts of books I read, but it didn’t seem to make any difference.

They were also concerned that I would read the same books they were reading. Their fears were put to rest when I assured them we have enough books for me to read different ones to them.

Now, I need to decide where to start…

Oh, and they still think it’s hilarious that I’m even thinking of reading some of their books!

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  1. ha! My kids are used to me reading a lot of the same books they read – though I can’t quite get into graphic novels and that’s where they’re at at the moment.
    I started reading what they were reading – after my son read all of the Specky Magee series – I’ve only skimmed over a couple of those.. must read one right through one day.
    Great post

  2. I can imagine it would be very different reading a childrens’ book as an adult from what it was like as a child. This is perfect research for you though and something you should do regularly if your aim is to be a published childrens’ book author. Great start! Be interested to see a review of the first one you read 🙂

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