Claiming my space?

Claiming my space?

Today, I read an excellent post about claiming my space as a writer. I read the post, nodding all the time.

I dream of the day I can quit my day jobs and just write. I also justify the time I’m not writing – I have to work, look after the kids, I’m tired, the housework needs to be done… and many more.

After reading the post, I have been mulling over what it would look like to claim my space. I suppose the first step for me is signing up to study creative writing and really learn my craft. It is terrifying as it means I need to start taking my writing and my dream of being a published author seriously.

When I was 18, I tried to get a picture book published, and it didn’t happen. I know now why that was and the manuscript needs A LOT of work. The however many years it’s been since then has meant that I have grown up a lot and experienced life to draw on.

I’m also going to make it a priority to write every day. Even if it’s a snatched half hour during my lunch break, or ten minutes while waiting for the kids to come out of school. It will be a priority to get writing.

So, now I’m claiming my space too 🙂

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