Planning time…

Doing some planning

One advantage of my old blog being offline and blogging here is that it gives me a chance to do some planning to make this blog a bit more interesting and useful.

So, here are some things I’ve been thinking about:

  • Tools, probably on a Tuesday (Tuesday Tools?) – sharing some of the books and resources I use in my writing.
  • Guest posts from some of my writer buddies. Some are published and some aren’t. I’m thinking of asking them to share some of their tips for great writing, favourite books, or something else.
  • Writing snippets, just because you all really like them… and it’s a great way to show off! I also want to get back into Write on Wednesday and other writing exercises.
  • What I’m reading, books, websites, whatever. Some of what I read is light and fluffy, others more deep and meaningful, however I read what I can…

What do you think? You are reading it. Is there anything else you might be interested in?

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  1. All of those sound like great ideas.


  1. […] The name I gave the WordPress blog is “Author One Day” and the planning was along the lines of giving pre-published authors tips on how to move forward. You can read some of the ideas for posts here. […]

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