New life for Accidental WAHM

Restarting Accidental WAHM stories

I’ve been trying to work out what to do with my Accidental WAHM stories. My ultimate goal is to have a series of books with these characters. Reading about publishers and that many want work that hasn’t been published anywhere led me to question what I was doing.

After posting about my struggles and the support in comments and on PlanBig, and much soul searching, I have worked out how to go forward…

Last week, I signed up for a creative writing course and have put my publishing goals on hold for a little while so I can hone my craft. Doing this has given me some freedom in this regard.

I’ve decided to keep writing the stories and publishing snippets on my blog. I want to start a conversation with the readers, inviting them to comment and offer advice on the stories. This was part of the original idea behind the blog.

The first new snippet was posted tonight. I’m crossing my fingers it will bring some comments, especially as there have been a lot of new followers on the Accidental WAHM Facebook page.

Wish me luck in this project, and, if you want to get involved, pop over to and add comments on the latest story.

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  1. Good luck! I hope this works well for you. And I hope you get a lot out of the creative writing course too. 🙂

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