Using Pinterest for Writers – or how I use Pinterest

For ages, I’ve seen people on Facebook become obsessed with Pinterest. Most of these people are bloggers, but others also jumped on the obsession.

A while back, I joined Pinterest too. You can follow me here. For ages my boards were empty… I really didn’t know what to do with it. Then it hit me.

Story starters!

Pictures make great story starters. Whenever I get a bit of writers block or am planning a new story, I’ll go and find some interesting pictures for inspiration. OK, so not always, but sometimes it can help.

Most recently, I was pinning images to help with a new Accidental WAHM story. To get a preview, look below:



It was fun going through and finding images to inspire the story.

I even have a general board called “Story Inspiration” where I put random images that look cool and could potentially be a story. I haven’t used them as story starters yet, but there are some cool images there for the future.

So, this is how I use Pinterest.

This post was inspired by Jess’ post over at Diary of a SAHM. Thanks Jess.

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  1. Glad I inspired you!

    I can see there are pros to it. I still don’t understand the addictive ness of it, but that’s ok.

    Thanks for the link back. 🙂

    • You’re welcome 🙂

      I don’t understand the addictive-ness of it either… but I thought I’d share how I use it in the hope it can inspire some of my writing buddies.

  2. Hey Pintarest buddy. 🙂 My blog recieves quite a few hits from Pintarest, but that’s because I write about crafty stuff. I’m sure I could be better at using Pintarest as a marketing tool, but I’m having fun with it. That’s enough for now.

    • I haven’t used it as a marketing too – yet. I’m sure I can better use it for that when my books are published 🙂


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