Just write!

Just write...

Thank you to everyone who answered my post yesterday when I was looking for my mojo. I may have found it as I started my picture book draft this morning…. Part of the problem may simply have been a mixture of too many people around and not enough time on my own.

I’m an introvert, and too many people around can be a drain on my energy and can impact my writing.

Now that everyone has gone and the house is quiet, I’m able to do some writing. I’ve come up with an idea for my Accidental WAHM stories, though I’m not happy with the adventure idea for the next Jimmy James story – will need to work on this one.

For the future, I just need to remember that when there are a lot of people around or I have a time when I’m spending a lot of time around people without much down time for myself, my mojo takes a little holiday.

Now, I’m going to publish this, and just write.

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  1. I hadn’t given it much thought, but the same thing happens with me. i do my best writing when my husband is writing too, the tv is off and all is quiet.

    Glad you got your mojo back!

  2. Its really easy to get out of practice isn’t it? I find whenever I take a break, I find it harder to get back into it. It’s good to keep the momentum going. 🙂

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