Where has my mojo gone?

Where has my mojo gone?

I want to write… I have some time to write… I’ve opened the various manuscripts I’m working on… but the words aren’t coming.

Where has my mojo gone?

I have, however, been able to write a few blog posts and other bits like that, but not the things I really want to be writing…

I’m sure it’s just hiding somewhere. Maybe it’s scared of the quiet that is left by Mr N spending the afternoon at the football, or it’s scared of the presence of two and a half year old Mr O… or something else entirely.

I have been doing some planning and evaluating (I would appreciate your thoughts on my Accidental WAHM stories). But no actual writing…

Apparently it’s not just me either. I’ve seen a few Facebook status updates saying similar things, so maybe it’s something in the water, or my mojo has joined that of my friends and they are all having a day off too…

Whatever it is, I hope it returns very soon.

What do you do when your mojo is nowhere to be found?

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  1. I write anyway, even if I end up having to delete what I’ve written later because it is so bad. The writing eventually leads to getting my mojo back. I hope you get yours back soon, Melissa.

  2. I usually go do something else if I’m not on a deadline. If I’m on a deadline then I force myself to write even if the writing is crappy. Like Rebecca my mojo usually comes back if I force myself to write. I know how you feel. I’m working on a series and there are days when I just can’t write so I set a timer for an hour and force myself to write whatever comes to my mind. I hope your mojo comes back soon!

  3. I write, but other stuff instead of manuscripts when I can’t find my mojo. Like you I write blog posts and I journal… it always comes creeping back.


  1. […] you to everyone who answered my post yesterday when I was looking for my mojo. I may have found it as I started my picture book draft this morning…. Part of the problem […]

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