Feeling like a cat with a mouse…

Sometimes I feel like a cat…

Our old cat, Magnificat, was an amazing mouser. This was useful as the house next to use was a breeding ground for mice. Magnificat would catch a mouse, then bring it inside and leave it for us to find. It would be dead and sometimes only half of it would make it to the middle of the loungeroom floor.

I remember reading somewhere that this was a sign we were her people and bringing in the mouse was like her giving us a gift… a gross gift, but it was a sign of affection and the cat was wanting us to love her back.

With my writing, sometimes I feel like a cat with a dead mouse. I show my family my work wanting their praise and when they are too busy to read it or show little interest, it’s really hard.

Sometimes it’s easier to share my writing with strangers, or at least people who aren’t quite so close to me, keeping my writing “private” from my family. I don’t know why this is, maybe it’s because my writing is so close to me and it’s hard when the people closest to me aren’t as enthusiastic.

Then again, I can get comments from them that make my day, like my sister the other day. I showed her some of the Jimmy James draft I have been working on. Her comment: “Oh wow, you really have a way with words.” The tone of her voice also showed how much she enjoyed it and that she was proud of me and what I’ve written.

I don’t know if I’m the only writer who feels like this, or if others do too… I do know that when my books are published, my family will be first in line to buy them!

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  1. Melissa, I think we all have felt like this at some point in our writing journey. I think the reason it hurts us, is because they are as excited about it as we are. As a writer, I understand just how you feel. My husband is very supportive, but when it comes to listening to a mss he would rather do the dishes, which he hates. And that is okay, because I feel the same way if he ask me to sit down and watch a baseball game. I had to come to realization that my passion is not his. Once I got that in thick head, I stopped feeling like he didn’t care. It was just the opposite. He is my number one fan. Just remember you have a whole 12×12 family who shares your passion.

  2. I think this is why we blog, this is write publicly. These posts are little bit of ourselves we send out to the world and hope for some praise, some notice, some validation. Every page view, every comment means that someone is reading, noticing.

    My family doesn’t understand what I do. My sister reads the occasional post, as do some friends. But every little bit of feedback is like a nugget of gold….

  3. You are NOT the only one…. Creativity is part of our soul, exhausting, necessary, and sometimes exhilarating… When I am working on something creative (My writing, my artwork, my ideas) I would share it first with my new 12x12ers before I share it at home, life at home continues on, I don’t think it is without interest, but just not the understanding of the work that goes into the craft and the passion required! I am sure my friends and family think I am crazy when I talk about my 12×12’ers!!

  4. I think the comments above say it all but I’ll still put in my two cents: as much as we love our families and significant others, unless they are writers/illustrators/creative types, they’re just not going to “get it” as, say, the 12×12’ers. They can still be happy for us, just sometimes not at the same level as your creative peers!
    Cheers! 🙂

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