Happy Dance Time!

Time for a happy dance

I was starting to think it would never happen… but it has! The first draft of the first Jimmy James book is done! And the deadline for the Chapter Book Challenge is tomorrow.

This calls for a happy dance. (It’s OK, my kids already think I’m completely nuts!)

The story is currently 10 chapters – and it still needs work. Though writing the story I know the holes in my research and what I need to clarify to make the story much better.

I’ve also discovered a few things I missed in the earlier chapters – such as one of Jimmy James’ birthday presents…

I have just sent it off to the two people who have been reading it in stages and am now waiting on their feedback, and I’m about to print it out for my kids to read and comment on.

Last night, I got a lot of writing done and went to bed at the end of Chapter 9. Mr N, age 10, asked this morning whether or not it was published. He just wants more books!!!

So, challenge 1 of the Chapter Book Challenge is DONE!

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  1. Congratulations! Huge accomplishment!

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