Keeping accountable

Keep on track

When I was running a business, I had an amazing business coach. He helped me set goals and keep accountable to the goals I set for myself.

In writing, I don’t have a coach, and there have been times I wish I still had one, or at least an English teacher who would set me deadlines and keep me moving…

So, this year I’ve joined some challenges. You already know about 12×12 in 12 and the Chapter Book Challenge.

Both of these challenges have come hand in hand with amazingly supportive Facebook groups. There are others in the challenge to bounce ideas off, keep you motivated, and offer the great big kick up the butt when needed! There are also prizes and goodies to keep you going.

In many ways, these are better than a business coach! They are all on the same journey. I’ve also connected with some of the amazing authors in these challenges and got some invaluable feedback on my work.

Writing is a solitary business, so having these groups to help keep me accountable and to have people to chat with about my stories makes me feel less isolated. Plus, the biggest bonus – these stories are finally getting out of my head and on to the page.

Back to it… I need to finish this chapter book by Thursday!

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  1. You will definitely have your book done by Thursday! You have been helpful and active in the group and it’s been great having you join in! 🙂

    • Melissa says:

      Thanks Rebecca. There were some points where I thought posting in the group was just putting off my own work… but then I realised it actually wasn’t 🙂

  2. Better than a business coach – that is some compliment!! I also could not agree more and I’m glad that is your experience too.

    • Melissa says:

      Thanks Julie 🙂 I’m loving being part of the challenge groups & getting the kick up the butt – I’ve got so much writing done this year already!

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