Top 5 Book Characters

Top 5 story book characters

I’ve been tagged – by the awesome Chris Allen on Facebook, inviting me to join in a blog challenge to list my Top 5 Book Characters. You can read his list here.

This is hard, but not one to shy away from a challenge, I thought I’d give it a go…

1. Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh – such a wonderful, melancholy character, and one that I’ve loved since childhood. There aren’t too many characters like him around.

2. The Naughtiest Girl in School – I loved reading about her as a child and all the things she would get up to. As an adult, she sticks as a vague memory – I must look up the books and refresh my memory.

3. Phryne Fisher – I first discovered Phryne when Murder on the Ballart Train was first published and I heard Kerry Greenwood talk about her and the books. She was like no other detective I had read before – beautiful and clever and a strong character. I’m loving the TV series too, though they have made quite a few changes to the story…

4. Mollie Pride – a fun character from a “trashy” book I picked up at a book sale. She’s another strong female character. Set during the depression and second world war, we follow her journey as she grows up, including going behind enemy lines to rescue her sister.

5. Thursday Next – she’s a literary detective, keeping law and order in fiction. She’s the creation of Jasper Fforde, and is part of stories that are definitely “outside the box”. Look her up.

This has been a very hard list to compile, one that kept me running to the bookshelves! Not least as there are many, many more characters I love, and authors and stories. I guess I don’t really have any favourites… I have a favourite character (or two) in just about any book I read.

Who are your top 5 characters?

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