Fun day of research

Fun day researching

Today has been amazing. I spent the afternoon with my godfather picking his brain about Magic Lanterns and came back with pages of notes.

As well as that, I got home and did some image searches on magic lantern slides, and came up GOLD!

The Brooklyn Museum has put a couple of collections of slides on Flickr. Click here to check them out. This is exactly the sort of thing I have been looking for. Having them in front of me is helping me describe the images.

From what I learned today, most magic lantern shows were lectures of some sort, many of them were travel talks. Magic lanterns brought education to the working classes and opened up the world to them.

For a modern day kid, they would look primitive and odd, but the technology would be fascinating. I know that as I’ve talked to my kids about it all they have been excited by it. Until recently, they had never heard of a magic lantern.

I’m sorting through all the information and putting it together in some sort of order so Jimmy James can discover it.

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