Got to love those brain waves!

For at least a week, I’ve been trying to work out what sort of adventure Jimmy James can go on in his first big adventure. Do I give him one big adventure, or lots of little adventures? Either way, where do I take him?

Trying to work this out took me to the library, Internet, even the Museum, and no inspiration was forthcoming.

Until this morning. In the shower. (Got to love those shower-induced flashes of inspiration.)

This is what I came up with:

Source: via Melissa on Pinterest



This is a magic lantern. They were the precursor to movies. We saw them at the Museum, but that wasn’t the first time I’d heard about them.

My godfather introduced me to Magic Lantern years ago. Going to an old fashioned Magic Lantern show was a lot of fun, a lot like a slide show, but much cooler. It’s something my kids hadn’t heard of before, and I guarantee a lot of other kids wouldn’t have heard about them either.

I now need to rewrite chapter 3 of the story, but that’s OK, because I now know where he is heading.

Tomorrow afternoon I’m off to visit my godfather to pick his brain to get some information about Magic Lanterns for the book. I can’t wait.

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