Looking for an adventure

Looking for adventure

The first Jimmy James book is taking shape, at last! The first two chapters are written and he has his socks. Now to find an adventure for him.

There are so many different adventures I could take him on… and some I have already started and sharing on this blog as part of different writing exercises, but I need some help.

What sort of adventure would you like to see Jimmy James go on in his first book?

The series starts in January, with Jimmy James’ birthday (the socks are a birthday gift), and he goes on his first adventure. I want something that will hook kids in and want to keep them reading this book, and want to get their hands on the next book.

Please share your ideas and suggestions with me so I can hit the library and do some research. Even if a flash of inspiration comes to me in the shower, I still want to hear your ideas, they will help with other books in the Jimmy James series.

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  1. If I think of anything, I will share it with you, but right now I am coming up with blanks. Maybe, since it starts in December, it could have something to do with Santa Claus. Or maybe it could have something to do with him helping out a homeless family (charity is something that is on lots of people’s minds in December although it should be on their minds all year).

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