The most wonderful night

Love writing…

Yesterday, I went to a birthday party with my son and got talking to one of the Mum’s. Mr N and her son, Mr J, got on really well. They had no plans, so I invited them back to our place to keep playing together.

During our chat, I told her about my writing, and showed her some of my pieces, including Jimmy James and My Princess Wears a Superman Cape, I also found a story I wrote when I was a teenager, and she loved it.

It’s been a while since I’ve had someone sit and read what I’ve written. Most of the writing I’ve shared lately is on this blog and most of you who read this I’ve never met, so the only feedback I get is via blog posts. It was wonderful having someone here, talking about writing, telling her some of my goals and why I write what I write and how I write, and get feedback right there.

I was on such a high at the end of the night, feeling that I really was on the right track – loving my writing and being good at it. It’s such a nice feeling.

Well, the boys were playing so nicely and we were having a wonderful talk… we all ended up having a really late night! But it was wonderful.

Oh, and her son told me that he would buy my books when they’re published.

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