WoW – The Monster Under Your Bed

Jimmy James is scared of snakes

It’s Write on Wednesday time again. You can read the full prompt here.

Thinking about this, I wanted another Jimmy James story. As a 9 year old, he wouldn’t be scared of monsters under the bed, so I put the question to my two boys – what would Jimmy James be scared of, something that his socks could help him overcome a fear of by learning more about. They came up with a number of ideas, finally settling on snakes.

I hope you enjoy this, it’s the start of a story that will continue on. As always, comments and suggestions are welcome.

The snake curled around the handler’s neck, looking like a feather boa. The kids in the class ooh’d and ahh’d at the way it moved, completely captivated by the show. All, except for Jimmy James. He sat as far back as he could, away from the snakes, he wouldn’t admit he was scared of them, just that he didn’t like them.

“OK, kids, who would like to have a go?” the handler invited from the stage. Most of the hands went up enthusiastically. Before Jimmy James knew what was happening, his best mate raised his hand for him and waved it all about.

“You, up the back, come on up.” Jimmy James shook his head, he was scared and stayed frozen to the spot.

“Come on JJ,” his mate encouraged. Before knowing what was happening, the class chanted “Jimmy James, Jimmy James, Jimmy James,” and he was being pushed up to the front. There was a look of fear in his eyes.

Suddenly, the room went quiet, and it was just him and the snake.

“Don’t be scared,” a voice said. Jimmy James looked around. All he saw was the snake, wrapped around a pole near the front of the class room. “There’s nothing to be afraid of.”

“I’m not scared,” declared Jimmy James with as much bravado as he could manage. “I just don’t like snakes.”

“It’s OK,” the voice said, “We don’t really like you either.” Jimmy James suddenly realised it was the snake talking. “Maybe if you get to know me a bit better, you won’t be scared any more.” Jimmy James was a bright boy and, after thinking about it for a minute, agreed with the snake’s reasoning, admitting to himself that yes, he was a bit scared, just a little bit.

“So,” Jimmy James started hesitantly, with a twinkle in his eye, “what is your favourite footy team?”


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  1. Ah, typical Victorian child – what’s your favourite footy team! love it.
    Am wondering, do the kids hear his side of the conversation or is it all in his head, or all in a ‘snake’ world that is out of sync with our world?

    • hehe, glad you like it 🙂 I’m thinking it’s a bit like the piece at “Learning to Make Fire“, where it happens then in an instant he’s back and no one knows what is happening. For this one, I’m thinking he gets a shredded snake skin in his pocket 🙂

  2. Yeah, I like that idea that he pops into s different reality in his head, (or is it?)…

  3. cute. great question at the end.


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