What language do you use?

What language do you use?

I’ve had an interesting experience lately. I submitted my first story from 12×12 in 12 to a couple of critique partners, one in Australia & one in the US. I also submitted it to a fantastic service called Rate Your Story, based in the US. I’ve faced an interesting issue – language.

Now, I’m in Australia, and I use Australian English. So, I spell Mummy as Mummy and use Australia phrases, like Rubbish instead of Trash.

I know the US audience for books is much bigger than Australia, simply because they have more people there, so it’s been interesting getting feedback from US services. Both Rate Your Story and my US critique partner commented on the differences in language. (There were other things to work on with the Rate Your Story comments, but language was the one that stood out to me this morning.)

With this in mind, who do you write for? What language do you use?

When I write, I admit to having my boys in mind as audience, they are Aussie boys and advanced readers (that’s another blog post).

Do you change the language in your manuscripts for different countries initially, or do you stick to the country you are writing in?

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  1. I live in the US and so that makes it easier in some ways. I used to work with a few Australians, and sometimes I had to ask them to translate. Like “Guddonya.” You know, “Good on you.” Maybe you need to find an Australian critique partner.

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