Something weird is happening…

Story about socks!

Last year, I created a character called Jimmy James. He has some amazing socks that he thinks are horrible, but they are amazing.

These stories have captured the imagination of my kids, aged 10 and 8. They are advanced readers and I’ve been struggling to find books that have themes suitable for their ages.

It’s not only my boys who are enjoying these stories… the snippets I’ve posted on this blog have been getting some great comments, as well as on my PlanBig plan.

The ideas for places Jimmy James can go with his socks have been coming thick and fast, and there is the potential for a huge number of books of Jimmy James adventures with his socks. And Grandma can give him more than one pair of socks over time, so the stories and adventures can grow with him.

I need to do some research and plan some excursions, both with and without my boys, to get some ideas and information, and I need to hit the library. Then I need to do some serious writing, especially as people are already asking to read the stories!

The little story that was born out of frustration that my kids wouldn’t change their socks, and a prompt from Ink Paper Pen looks like it’s turning in to a series of books!!

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  1. This is such exciting and inspiring stuff Melissa! I’m am so excited for you. Also I appreciate your link to Ink Paper Pen because – well…my son took over my 12x12in12 idea for Feb. I need to find a new one. ;-D I’m so proud of him I’m not sad at all.

    • Thanks Melissa 🙂 I’m glad you liked the link. I’m finding the weekly story prompts fantastic, some are easier than others, but I do try and get something every week.

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