What should I share on my Facebook page?

Sharing on your Facebook page

Following on from last weeks post about why I have a Facebook page, I thought I’d continue with some ideas of what to share on your Facebook page.

As an unpublished author, we don’t have the author events or book snippets that published authors have to share, or the sales pitches for our books.  So, what do we share?

It’s quite simple, share your journey. People respond to other people’s stories, so share that. This could include updates on how your writing is going, requests for help with ideas or suggestions for names of characters, writing tips, books and authors that inspire you, and anything else relating to your journey.

With my page, I also have a feed from my blogs. On my Melissa Writes page, I have a feed from all my writing blogs, but on my other pages its just a feed from the blog relevant to the page.

Sharing my journey and asking for help with my ideas will also generate an ownership of my stories, so they want to buy the books. Recently I was writing a story for 12×12 in 12 and posted here and on my page asking for ideas on a number of things. Some people reading and commenting on these posts started getting excited about my story and want to read it!

So, with your Facebook page, share your story and ask for help from your followers. If they are following your page, they want to know your story and support you in your journey.

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  1. Melissa, I haven’t caught up with your blog. I’m from the campaign and see we share some things in common, like the 12×12 challenge. Have met so many great people in the past six months — among them Julie Hedlund.

    Unfortunately I started my FB page several years ago, so I have an unusual mixture of readers, my writing/author friends, spiritual friends, and family and friends. I tend to hang out in the closed writing groups now. As none of my friends care that I’m writing or what I post. May have to create a separate page later when I’m published.

    Look forward to seeing you around.


    • Hi Pat, I know the feeling about friends & family not being interested in what you’re writing, I have the same thing. This is one reason I started my author page so those who were interested could keep up to date 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. In addition to my blog posts, I like to share random funny thoughts. (Not that I’ve been super active on facebook of late.) I figure that way I can connect with like minded people. And at the very least, I crack myself up.

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