Month 1 – COMPLETE!!!

Challenge 1 - complete!

OK, so it needs work, but it IS a first draft, and it’s complete!

It is rough, but, after all, that’s what a draft is – rough.

My kids are enjoying it and think it’s really funny, and I can see that an illustrator will have fun with it when it eventually gets published. Polishing is required before it gets to that stage, however.

It’s called “My Mummy is Evil.”

A huge Thank You goes to everyone who has offered suggestions on what makes a Mum mean, names for gadgets as well as things an evil genius would do. It has really helped.

So, one down, eleven to go.

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  1. Well done! You have inspired me to keep battling away – I dont know how you find the time! I am nearly there with one draft – I just have to come to terms with it being just a DRAFT…. I have enjoyed following your progress!

    • Thanks Nicky. There is still a lot of work to be done & I could plug away for ages – but once I realised I was polishing, it ceased being a first draft!! Sounds like you have the same problem as me with the term DRAFT…

      Now to get on to the next idea… after a little break.

  2. Excellently well done! I only have a title and I’m already at a dead end, haha! Back to the drawing board. Procrastinator that I am, I’ll probably churn something out at 11pm on January 31. Trying to break that habit — thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Congratulations on drafting the picture book. One a month is your goal I take it? Catchy title!

    Kim Van Sickler

  4. Good for you Melissa. Sounds like you have some homegrown fans there.
    Make sure you get their feedback. Kids are very honest critics and can be a big help.
    Look forward to following your progress.

  5. Great job! The book sounds fun!

  6. Well done! I love that this challenge keeps us working consistently.

  7. Well done you! I wish I could say my first was done – it’s having serious theme issues right now! You’ve piqued my interest in your story, though – I totally want to read it 🙂

  8. Thanks everyone 🙂 I’m really excited and looking forward to revising it.

  9. A Neutron Neutralizer? An Atomic Avenger? Hard for me to think picture book comprehension, but I think Alliteration is always good. One tech word with one easy-to-understand word might be a good formula (e.g. a supersonic smasher). Good luck!

  10. Congrats! Way to go. I hope you celebrated.

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