I need a smaller notebook!

A notebook to fit in my bag...

Since I started 12×12 in 2012, I’ve been carrying around a notebook with me. The one I have is A4 size & doesn’t fit in my handbag!

In the Boxing Day Sales, I bought a new handbag for $14!! It’s great & has a lot of space, however an A4 notebook won’t fit.

I know there is a smaller one around here somewhere, I’m just not sure where it is right now… I don’t want to miss out on any picture book ideas floating around in my head.

Either that or a decent word processing app for my phone… but I haven’t found one yet (I have an android). If you know a good one, let me know.

So, one of my jobs this afternoon is to hunt for a notebook that will fit in my handbag so I don’t miss out on any ideas.

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  1. Oh my, wish I could send you a notebook through cyberspace! I have several sitting here. (I’m a chronic “I thought I had a notebook… oh well, guess I’d better buy another one” person.)

    Glad you’ve joined our Children’s Book Hub Facebook Group! (I’m in 12 x 12 as well.)

    • Thanks Beth. I keep buying notebooks too – usually I’m out & about & need a notebook, so buy a new one! I really just need to find a notebook that fits in my bag, I know there is one here somewhere….

  2. I like moleskin notebooks for my purse. They’re small,slim, and don’t have pesky spirals that get caught on other stuff in there.

    • I’ve been trying to find ones like that, but no luck so far… I found a spiral one that fits, it was floating around in the study.

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