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Getting people to like your page

Invite people to join your page

As an unpublished author, we don’t have the profile that published authors have, at least, not yet.

It can be tempting to focus on the number of people and get discouraged when it’s not huge. One thing to remember here is that quality is better than quantity.

The first thing to do when you create your page is to invite people who are already your friends. Choose carefully the people you want to join your page. Not everyone will be interested in your writing journey, so choose wisely when sending invitations. You can also post a status update inviting your friends to join your new page. [Read more…]

What’s in a name?

What’s my name?

I have been trying to work out what to call myself when I get published. This may be a small problem in the grand scheme of things, but, as an author, it’s important.

My married name is Khalinsky, my maiden name is Gijsbers. Both are European and they are hard to spell if you don’t know how they are spelt. My Mum has a page of mis-spellings of Gijsbers, all are genuine!!

When I first got married and was sending my manuscript to publishers, I would use “Khalinsky-Gijsbers”. Now, that was a mouthful. [Read more…]

Kids and literacy

Get kids reading

I just found out that yesterday was Family Literacy Day in the US (I don’t know if it was the same in Australia). Literacy is a big issue in Australia too…

I am incredibly lucky. Both my boys love to read. They have just turned 8 and 10, and are reading the Harry Potter books. They both have a huge pile of books they received for their birthdays and for Christmas, including the Macquarie Dictionary Mr Z, age 8, asked for. Both boys are advanced in their reading, and Mr Z would choose long, challenging words for his weekly spelling words. [Read more…]

WoW – Agent Chin-Wag

Eavesdropping from stairs

It’s Write on Wednesday again. For this weeks prompt, click here.

My kids inspired this story, with friends of my parents coming over & sharing stories. They were commenting on the stories that were being told!

“They’re talking about us!” Two little girls sat on the stairs, hands clamped over their mouths, eavesdropping on the dinner party below and trying not to giggle. They had been put to bed what seemed like hours ago. The smells of dinner, the clinking of glasses and the bursts of laughter from downstairs had driven them to their current perch, on the stairs, hidden behind the pot plant and the shadowy hallway. [Read more…]

What should I share on my Facebook page?

Sharing on your Facebook page

Following on from last weeks post about why I have a Facebook page, I thought I’d continue with some ideas of what to share on your Facebook page.

As an unpublished author, we don’t have the author events or book snippets that published authors have to share, or the sales pitches for our books.  So, what do we share?

It’s quite simple, share your journey. People respond to other people’s stories, so share that. This could include updates on how your writing is going, requests for help with ideas or suggestions for names of characters, writing tips, books and authors that inspire you, and anything else relating to your journey. [Read more…]

I joined Pintrest!

Pintrest for inspiration

With all these picture book challenges, I’ve been looking around for inspiration. Many, many of my Facebook friends use Pintrest, so I thought I’d check it out.

If you haven’t heard of Pintrest before, it’s basically an online notice board where you can find inspiring pictures and “pin” them on a board. The pictures are shared and you can follow others to see what inspires them. You can set up any boards you want to on topics that are of interest to you.

I haven’t been on there very much, but a couple of days ago, I started a board called “PB Inspiration”. This has pictures that could be used as story starters or prompts for picture books.

On the 12×12 in 12 board, someone shared this blog post: 3 ways to use Pintrest for Book Publicity. If you’re a writer, this may be useful, and I’m also posting it here to use for later!

If you want to follow my pins, click here for my profile.

Am I nuts?

Joining a marathon?

On Facebook, a friend told me about a Picture Book Marathon that is happening during February. The idea is to write 26 picture book drafts during February…

I’m wondering if I should sign up for this or not. I know that so far for 12×12 in 12 I have finished one draft and have another 3 on the go already! The ideas are coming thick and fast…

But, could I do 26 complete first drafts in one month? The kids will be back in school, but it means I’ll be back at work too…

Then again, this could be the push I need to get those pesky ideas out of my head an onto the page.

Can I do this, or am I nuts even considering joining this marathon? Over to you, what do you think?

Choosing Character Names

How I choose character names

Coming up with names is not my strong point. It’s one area I’ve always struggled with, some days I’m amazed I was able to choose names for my kids!!

Sometimes, a name will just come to me and the story will flow, other times, I just can’t decide.

When I was starting my writing journey, I bought some baby names books and used to read through them to find names. Over the years, they have disappeared. I think I may have lent them to pregnant friends and never got them back! [Read more…]

Write on Wednesday – The stories a tree could tell

by Story.

It’s been a while, but it’s Write on Wednesday time again. The photo above is the prompt, for the full prompt, click here.

“Look at me!” the little boy called out from his vantage point among the roots of the upturned tree. “Mummy, look at me!”

He had a look of wondrous achievement on his face, as if he had just climbed Mount Everest. Against the twisted tangle of the grey roots, his bright red jacket stood out as he held on fearlessly with one hand and waved to his mother with the other hand. [Read more…]

Having a blog – this one!

Blogging for unpublished authors

After telling a friend about my Facebook post, I thought I’d follow up with a post about this blog.

I have been blogging for years. My first blogs no longer exist, but it is something I have been doing since before it became a popular thing to do – be a Mummy blogger. Although, to be fair, my topic was business tips for business mums instead of about parenting.

Last year, I created this blog as my “author blog”. I’m an unpublished author and my dream for years has been to change that status to published author. [Read more…]

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