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Jimmy James visits CSIRAC

It’s Write on Wednesday time again.  I was going through the prompts at Ink Paper Pen to find one that would fit with Jimmy James (though it was tempting for him to make fire again…). Instead I chose I thought I saw… from a couple of weeks ago.

If you want to keep up with the full story of Jimmy James, go to Jimmy James Stories. I would like some ideas to what can happen next.

So, here goes…

I Thought I Saw

“This excursion is just getting better and better,” Jimmy James thought to himself, even though his pocket was starting to get quite full! Though the full pocket was evidence that his adventures had really happened and weren’t just in his head.

“For those of you who wanted to visit CSIRAC, come now, the rest of you can finish your lunch,” Miss Phillips announced to the Grade 4s. Jimmy James jumped up. He loved visiting the old computer. The last time they had visited the museum, his brother commented that it wasn’t a real computer as you couldn’t play games on it, but Jimmy James didn’t care.

He followed his teacher down the escalator, along with half a dozen of his classmates, and stood to admire the huge computer. It blew his mind that Mum’s smart phone was more powerful than the massive machine in front in front of him.

The blinking lights were really cool, but he knew they were fake. He had read the sign often enough to know that.

“Did you see that?” Jimmy James nudged Suresh in the ribs.

“See what?” Suresh wasn’t really interested in CSIRAC, but had finished eating and was bored.

“That,” Jimmy James pointed at the lights. He thought he saw them spelling out Hello Jimmy James.

“What? There are little, flashing Christmas lights all over it, nothing exciting.” Jimmy James forgot himself for a moment, after all, he was the only one who had been able to see all the cool things that had happened so far that day.

“Never mind,” Jimmy James turned back to CSIRAC and waited for what would happen next.


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  1. I like the whole mystery feel to this piece. I would love to know if more exciting things happen with Jimmy James and the “old” computer. Awesome story!

  2. That was a very original piece, and I really enjoyed reading it. It is rather mind boggling, as Jimmy James pointed out, and I love the mystery of the flashing lights spelling out his name. I want to know what happens next!!!

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