Write on Wednesday – When the music is over

Jimmy James first challenge

It’s Write on Wednesday time. This weeks challenge is to choose a song and write for as long as the song plays.

My son is home today & he chose Jet Lag by Simple Plan. It’s only 3 and a half minutes long, so I played it twice! Also as I was changing fonts between the letter and the narration.

This is part of the Jimmy James story and is his first challenge. I hope you enjoy it.

He had just received a box in the mail containing his first challenge and an assortment of paper, envelopes, pens, cards, and anything else to help him write and send letters.

Jimmy James was excited by the box, but groaned at the thought of writing a Thank You note, especially in four paragraphs! But he was up for the challenge, he wasn’t one to let a challenge beat him.

He dug through the box and found a card with some flowers on the front. They were daggy and not to his taste, but he knew his Grandma would like it. He started writing:

Dear Grandma,
Thank you for the socks you gave me for Christmas. I don’t like orange and purple is a GIRLS colour, but they fit really well and don’t have any holes in them.
Next time, would you please give me some Lego or some Football socks. My team is Geelong.
I look forward to seeing you at Easter. Mum is making me write this as part of a challenge.
Thank you again for the socks. I hope you are well.
Love Jimmy James

“There,” he thought, “one down.” He took the card to show Mum, who read it and smiled.

“I’m sure Grandma will love it,” she said with a twinkle in her eye, scanning the front and inside of the card and saving it to a special folder on her computer. “Now address the envelope and we can put it in the mail on the way to school tomorrow.”

Jimmy James was glad when he’d finished. His hand was hurting, and he just wanted to get outside and kick the footy around until dinner time.

“Week 1, challenge reached!” he announced with enthusiasm to no one in particular.


Write On Wednesdays


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  1. Poor Jimmy, how it pains him to do this! I remember writing letters when I was young – every one of them began with ‘how are you, I am fine’ lol!
    I think Grandma will get a laugh out of this letter. I wonder how she will respond … will we just be seeing his side of the letters?
    Are these ‘the’ socks? It will be very interesting how he will write to Grandma later when he discovers how good they are!
    How did your son react to this part of the story? It seems right to me.
    Keep going!!

    • Thanks Sharyn 🙂 Yes, they are ‘the’ socks! I have been trying to work out whether or not to write the other side of the letters, I was planning to say whether or not he got a reply… I’ll give it a try, I’m sure Grandma will write back 🙂

  2. Haha love it 🙂 “Mum is making me do this” totally captures the mood of a slightly resentful kid being forced to write a boring thank you for a crap present 😀

  3. Ha ha, love it – it could have been written by my son! 🙂

  4. Excellent! Lighthearted, funny… just the sort of thing you’d expect from a little kid forced to write “thanks” to his grandmother when what he really wants to do is play football. Reminds me of the times when this sort of silly stuff was all the responsibility I ever had…

    / Rain

  5. I really like the last line. Makes the reader feel they have been let in on a private moment.

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