Through the eyes of a child…

Through a child's eyes

If you’re a regular reader here, you know that I’ve been participating in Write on Wednesday with Ink Paper Pen.

Over the last few exercises, I’ve written a couple of pieces that describe events and activities through the eyes of a child.

I have started editing Time for a Walk as I wrote it quickly and I can see that there is potential in the story, either as a kids book with photos or pictures of a toddler walking, or as a longer short story.

Even this weeks exercise was fun and I can see potential in expanding it to show the set up for the event through the eyes of a four year old (and possibly the unfairness in being sent to bed before everyone arrives).

From the comments on both these pieces, I can see ways to expand them as well as other enjoying them.

I’m enjoying writing pieces through the eyes of a child, and it seems like I’m good at it, again judging by the comments on these posts.

Where this goes to from here, I don’t know yet, but it’s something I’m having fun doing.

If you have suggestions on where I can take these, I’d love to know.

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