Sunshine in a Cup

A bit of sunshine in a cup

It’s Write on Wednesday time again. This week we have a writing prompt: “Bring me sunshine in a cup.” You can read the whole prompt here.

Sooti edged closer to the table. It was beautifully decorated and she had been told not to touch ANYTHING. Mum had placed every plate, glass, fork, knife and spoon in their place. They were shiny and the light from the candles danced of them. To her four year old eyes, it looked magical.

Her fingers started to move closer to a shiny, silver fork, the temptation too much, before something else captured her eye.

Turning away from the table, she focussed on the candles flickering near the windows, reflecting in the glass. They were in frosted glass holders. Sooti sat on her knees and admired the sight in front of her. Each one looked like Mum had captured a little bit of sunshine and put it in a cup, just for tonight.

I wrote this while waiting for the boys to finish choir. It was very interrupted, so I’m not sure how long it took. I hope you enjoy it.

Write On Wednesdays


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  1. Sarah Mac says:

    I like this Melissa, I think it captures the wonder of a four year old perfectly.

  2. Yes, that is very cute.

  3. This is so cute! I can just imagine the scene. I love the last line. Lovely. Candles = sunshine in a cup, just for tonight. Magical.

  4. I agree with Sarah. And it made me want to cook something exquisite, set up a table as finely as the one you described, and have very dear people over for dinner.

    / Rain

  5. I love a beautiful table setting and you’ve captured the innocence and wonder of the little girl perfectly. I really enjoyed reading this piece though I can’t help but wonder what the special occasion was?

    • Thanks Sheri. I’m not sure what the occasion is…. yet! I was working on the sunshine in a cup angle & thought of candles in glasses. I can see there is potential in this story to take it further.

  6. Beautifully written. Short, sweet, and elegant. Love it!

  7. A pretty piece, very visual. Well done

  8. I like how the sunshine in a cup became the candles, what a lovely description for the table setting and it sounded just the way a 4 year old would describe it. Great job this week!

  9. Candle light like sunshine captured in a cup, what a great image! This felt like a very special occasion, maybe a turning point in this child’s life? It was full of anticipation.

  10. I think this is lovely. You have managed to capture the innocence of childhood perfectly.

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