Jimmy James writes a letter

Writing a letter...

It’s Write on Wednesday again. This week is a “Choose Your Own Adventure” challenge. You can read the details here.

I was sent a gorgeous book for my birthday that is correspondence between two people. I have also seen a number of reports about how kids aren’t writing much any more. I have also been toying with writing something about Melbourne & history for kids. I got an idea in my head yesterday for a Jimmy James story written as letters – probably one sided as it’s been a long time since I’ve been overseas…

Here is what I have so far. I’m trying to use a similar style to what my 9 year old may write… Enjoy.

Dear Lara,

You don’t know me, but our Mums knew each other back in high school. My teacher told my Mum that I have to practice my hand writing, so she sent your Mum an email and suggested I write to you since we are about the same age. Anyway, Mum has been nagging me, so I’m getting her off my back by writing this to you. She wouldn’t let me send an email!

So, a bit about me โ€“ my name is Jimmy James and I am nearly 10. I live in Australia with my Mum and my little brother, Timmy Tom. He is really annoying. I love footy, not like the one where you are in England, Soccor, but Aussie Rules. Look it up online. It’s the coolest sport. Mum won’t let me play in a team… but I do AusKick to learn how to play.

My favourite colour is Purple. I used to think it was a girls colour, until my Grandma gave me the COOLEST socks for my birthday.

I hope that’s enough for now, my hand is getting tired! Write back if you like.

Jimmy James


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  1. As someone who hangs out with quite a few kids, I reckon you’ve nailed the tone. Cute – don’t you love little boys and their uber-confidence?

    • Thanks for your comments Kate ๐Ÿ™‚ My boys are just like that, so I have heaps to draw on. We are struggling to get my 7 year old to write, and thought that would be a good start. And a diary has been done…!

  2. I like the idea of a letter writing story, especially between modern kids because I think it is an interesting way of bringing an old school method of communication to a new generation. Of course he wanted to email but how nice will it be for him to explore the art of letter writing! I do think you captured the tone of a 10 year old.

    Gill x

    • Thanks Gill. I’ve had a few suggestions elsewhere on this as well – including it becoming a chore and an embarrassment. I’m trying to get my kids to write letters as a way of practicing their handwriting, without much success ๐Ÿ™ But I’m still working on it ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Sarah Mac says:

    I love the way the colour of the socks influenced his feelings about the colour purple and the bit where he said his hand was getting tired. That’s just how a 9 year old would write.

  4. I too was really struck by how realistic this was to what a young child would actually write! Suggesting that he didn’t really want to write the letter but his Mum was forcing him to, briefly explaining the footy he was referring to but then not explaining what “Auskick” was, writing about his favourite colour…..really spot on! A written letter can tell so much about a person.


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