WoW – a single line

This weeks Write on Wednesday challenge is to come up with a single line. You can read the whole challenge here.

I’ve decided to go back to the awesome Jimmy James and the first story I wrote for him (and am still writing).

Jimmy James has some amazing socks.

The story continues that he hates changing his socks as they are so amazing. To read more, you’ll have to wait as the challenge is a single line. I hope you like it, any thoughts to make it a better opening line, I’m open to suggestions (the idea is to get this in a book for young-ish kids, around 7-8 years old).


Write On Wednesdays


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  1. Cute. Makes me wonder what’s so special about his socks!

  2. Very funky, conjurs up all sorts of dazzling images.

  3. I think it’s perfect. So many simple things can be absolutely amazing to 7 to 8 year olds, including socks!

    Anne xx

  4. A great opening line, you could take that in any direction you choose. I’m seeing all sorts of funky socks πŸ™‚

  5. I love socks, all kinds especially with cool designs. I’m very interested in your story =]

    As for the challenge, your line is so simple yet perfect.

  6. I like it. Sounds like the beginning of a fun children’s story.

  7. Quirky, cute and fun. I really like it. Simple but I would want to read more…Great work!

    Gill x

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