Time for a walk

Off for a walk

It’s that time of the week again – Write on Wednesday.

This weeks topic was to go for a walk & write about it. I’ve been sick, so haven’t been out of the house much, even though the weather is beautiful. So, instead I wrote about an imaginary walk taken with a toddler. I hope you enjoy it.

I jump down the back stairs with two feet while Mummy closes the door and puts her keys in the pocket of her jacket. She takes my hand and we start walking.

There is a small patch of grass near the front gate that has some pretty yellow flowers in it. I stop and take a look. Mummy stands watching me with a smile on her face. The flowers are soon less interesting than the butterfly that flies past. I start to run after it but it soon goes too hight and over the neighbours fence.

A dog barks “hello” behind the gate, so I stop to have a chat. Mummy grabs my hand and tries to pull me along with her, but I try and stay with the dog. “Puppy!” I cry as she picks me up, putting me down again a few houses away. I try and go back, but she is holding my hand too firmly.

Soon a pretty piece of paper dances by on the breeze. It’s going the way we want to go, so Mummy lets me follow it. I dance along for a few steps before I spot a snail shell on the footpath. I bend over for a closer look and poke it with a finger. It falls over and I want to pick it up, but Mummy stops me, saying it’s dirty.

I find a stick and run it along a fence. Again Mummy stops me, taking the stick and throwing it out of my reach. She takes my hand as we stop to cross the road. I count the cars – 1, 5, 3, 9, 32, 100 – as they drive past. I jump down the curb when we can finally go across.

Letting go of Mummy’s hand, I run in to the park to play. I climb up the stairs and am half way up before Mummy grabs me. “Coffee first,” she says, marching me back toward to the cafe next to the park.

Waiting in line, I try and head back to the park, but Mummy picks me up. Squirming in her arms, I let my displeasure be known. “Down,” I demand, but Mummy doesn’t let go.

At last Mummy gets her coffee and she lets me down, holding on tightly to my hand. I jump down the step at the door of the cafe and we finally walk back to the park. Mummy lets go of my hand and I run back to the play ground. This time I can finish my climb while Mummy enjoys her coffee.


Write On Wednesdays


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  1. hope you feel better soon.
    Can’t imagine my toddler being so kind to me! I wish for such a nice walk!

    • Thanks Kristy. I was originally going to do something a lot longer & slower, but I wasn’t feeling well enough. Also it’s from the eye of the toddler, so Mummy is the bad one for pulling him/her away from the dog, etc. 🙂

  2. Great piece, I especially love the counting of a toddler!!

  3. I enjoyed this from the perspective of the little kid…very cute!

  4. Very cute! I love this-I used to try to restrain my frustration at my kids wanting to stop and look at absolutely everything when I just wanted to get from A to B. Great to read that child’s perspective 🙂

    • Thanks Jayne. I also try and refrain my frustration, though now that my kids are older they usually run ahead!

  5. Very cute! I love it through the eyes of a child. I loved the counting part, too, and how easily kids are distracted from one thing to the next. 🙂

  6. Nicely written! This really captured how I imagine toddlers see the world, noticing little things and forgetting them quickly when something new comes along. I have to admit, I was getting pretty frustrated with “mummy” at the end, and beginning to understand why toddlers throw tantrums!!!

    • Thanks Sif. I was trying to capture the childs frustration, as I’m sure we all forget sometimes to see things from our kids POV.

  7. A nice capture of a walk. I love Mummy saying coffee first! How many toddles must hear those words 🙂

  8. I adore this idea. Writing from the child’s perspective is lovely. Gee, we mums are kill joys, right? Who on earth would want to line up for a coffee when you could be swinging from the trees and counting cars?? Well, often the answer to that question is me but I try to keep us all happy. The counting is wonderful too!

    Get well soon…

    Gill x


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