WoW – Character Study, Jimmy James

This is my first Words on Wednesday post – I thought I’d do it & see how it goes. I wasn’t sure whether to do a creative piece or just describe one of my characters – so I thought I would describe Jimmy James. Here goes – five minutes of writing!

Jimmy James is a character I created one night when I was frustrated about my boys not changing their socks. He is a 9 year old boy who loves his football and he is not great in Maths.

He has a little brother and lives with his Mum in a house with an open plan living area, one that is perfect for socks to make a mess! Their home has a large back yard, perfect for kicking the footy around.

He has short, brown hair and freckles on his face. His brown eyes have a cheeky glint that betray his wonderful sense of the absurd as well as his cheeky mind. He is slim and sporty.

Jimmy James is a mix of my two sons and some of their friends. With so much inspiration, there is the potential for a number of different stories about Jimmy James, his brother and their friends.


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  1. Children make wonderful characters. The mannerisms of your character does sound like my nine year old son to be honest. you do a great job.

  2. Thanks KD πŸ™‚ I guess a lot of him is my 9 year old, with sprinklings of other kids!

  3. He sounds like such a cheeky, gorgeous little character!
    Welcome to WOW!

  4. Visiting from WoW. I love him! Being with our children is such a rich source of inspiration. I can just feel Jimmy springing into life and action, and I’d love to read of some of his exploits. Do you write for your children?

    • Thanks Lorraine, glad you love him. I have just started writing down the stories for my children, and the boys are helping me write his stories too.

  5. Looking forward to hearing some adventures over the weeks… Welcome to WoW

  6. Welcome to WoW!(now I feel like I am the host,lols) I am not a mommy but with your clear description here, I think I now know how it would be..Nice piece you got here Melissa.=)



  7. I can just picture him and I hope you write more about him in the coming weeks because I’d love to see him ‘in action’!

  8. I love the name Melissa. It conjures up a cheeky 9 year old boy with a sense of adventure.

    Anne xx

    • Thanks Anne. We decided today that his brother is called “Timmy Tom”! And Mum is just Mum (though I did suggest “Mummy Mum”, but they thought that was just silly…

  9. I have a 9yo with freckles, brown hair and….auburn hair. Close!

    I can just see the book now, and the illustrated Jimmy!

  10. Love the name! I can already picture some of the escapades he pulls off with his brother (a willing or unwilling accomplice?).

    • Thanks L. I can see if a mix of willing and unwilling – just as it is with my boys! As well as times when the brother is the master mind…

  11. I agree with the above comments – the name is fabulous. I like double initials, my little boy has the initials HH. Your double J sounds very catchy! Welcome to WoW – I am so pleased you found us and look forward to reading more adventures of Jimmy James. And I apologise for taking soooo long in getting to this, I normally do much better but we have had a lot going on this past week.

    • Hi Gill, thanks for your comment πŸ™‚ Don’t worry about the lateness of the comment – I love comments any time πŸ™‚

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