Reading my story

Shared my story

This afternoon I shared my story with a couple of kids while waiting for the boys to finish in choir. The kids are the little sisters of some of the kids in the choir. Their Mums were also there to listen.

The story went down really well – though the story does need pictures.

Even the Mums liked the story!

It was quite scary sharing this story outside my own family – after all, my own kids loved the story, but then again, I’m their Mum, so they’re kind of obliged to like it…

I’m happy that they liked the story. I still don’t know whether or not to contact publishers again, or self publish, but I’m so much happier with how the story has turned out.

I also found that reading it out loud was great, as there are a few lines where I need to take out, add in or change a word or two so it flows better, that I’d missed when editing it on screen.

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