Getting back into writing #writeabookwithal

Getting back into writing

Getting back into writing

The last six or seven weeks, I’ve been struggling to write. My older son has been quite unwell and most of my energy has been taking him to medical appointments and physio. This includes keeping up with my marketing posts here…

I have been working on other things, my next book is nearly ready to go, and I started a new blog, but really want to get back into my fiction writing. I have a manuscript I need to get finished, and some other stories begging to be written.

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Writing/Publishing takes time

Writing takes timeYesterday was Chronic Fatigue Awareness Day. The next book in my Green Oaks Primary School series touches on this illness and I was hoping to have it ready to launch this week… but it isn’t ready. I was also hoping to launch another one in the series last year, but it didn’t happen.

One big lesson I have learned lately is that writing and publishing a book takes time, and often takes longer than we all expect it will.

This may be different for everyone, but it is true for me.

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Fillers for Goodie Bags

Fillers for goodie bagsGoodie bags are often produced at events and are handed out to all the participants. They can be a wonderful opportunity to spread the word to potential readers.

The first thing to do is to identify the events that have goodie bags and potential readers. Look out for conferences, markets, fundraisers, open days, dinners, and so on. You can find out about them through associations, event organisers, networking events, and even keeping your eye out for opportunities on Facebook.

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Read your story

Read your storyThis is one marketing tip that may suit more picture books than other book formats, however for all of you who don’t write picture books, this could work for you too.

In general, a book reading would involve going to a book shop, library, or school to read your story to a group of kids. Often this is followed by a book signing. In order to book one, contact these venues and let them know you are available.

If you don’t write a picture book, there doesn’t seem to be as much demand for book readings, however there are opportunities for you to read your story to readers.

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Create and send an Email Newsletter

Send a newsletterLast week, my tip was to create an email newsletter list. Once you have a list, you will need something to send to it.

When planning your newsletter, decide how often you will send it. Do you want to send it weekly, monthly, quarterly, or on a purely ad hoc basis?

Once you’ve decided the frequency, then look at what you are going to include in your newsletter. What you include will depend on the purpose of your newsletter. For most authors, the purpose will be to let your fans know about your books.

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Create an eMail Newsletter List

Create an email newsletterOne easy thing we can all do for book marketing is to create an email newsletter list.

There are a lot of programs that exist to help you do this easily including Mailchimp and Aweber. You can also set up a Google form to capture people’s email, however you will need to find a way to send them all out, especially when your subscriber number rise (ISPs and email software doesn’t like it when you send too many emails at a time).

The easiest way to create a list is to put a subscribe box on your author website. This is somewhere visitors can add their name and email address to get updates from you. Above your subscribe box, give your subscribers an idea of how often you will send them emails.

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A weekend of writing #amwriting #campnanowrimo

Weekend of writing

Weekend of writing

I had to stop in here to share my wonderful weekend.

This past week, I have been battling a bad cold. I had no voice on Tuesday, which the kids thought was very funny, and it’s been slowly coming back. Being unwell basically mean I do the bare minimum I have to so I can get through the day. Which usually means that not much writing happens…

I have been keeping up with my Blog Your Book in 30 Days posts, mostly due to the fact I had scheduled some posts in advance. You can read my progress here, and can add your comments and questions to the post to help the final book be the best it can be.

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Welcome to my YouTube channel

My first YouTube video is now live! It took a few days to get it edited, but it’s now done and it went live about half an hour ago.

I must say that my son has done an amazing job of editing it for me (you can see his channel here).

My video is below, you can subscribe to my channel here.

Start a YouTube Channel

Start a YouTube ChannelI’ve been reading quite a bit lately about video and how it can be used for book marketing. My 14 year old has had a YouTube channel for a couple of months and, to be honest, he makes it look easy! You can see his channel here.

In 2013, I blogged about YouTube and couldn’t quite see how I could use it, other than somewhere for book trailers. Since then, I’ve seen more and more authors using YouTube in many different ways.

In my research, I have looked at the videos of a number of other children’s authors and what they do. They have a variety of videos, including: [Read more…]

A new month, Three new challenges!

A new challenge

A new challenge

This year has been a funny year, for the last few months I’ve felt as if I’m in some sort of a fog. In short, I’ve been disorganised, the house is a mess, nothing much has been getting done. To be honest, I’m amazed I’ve achieved what I have!

I finally feel as though the fog is lifting… The ideas are starting to get down on paper (or in my computer) and things are happening!

For April, I have three challenges! Call me crazy, but here they are…

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